Wednesday, 26 August 2009

fudge you

i really can't be bothered with anything right now
but hey ho, thought i'd blog...
haha just remembered what dean said about my blogs haha
happy blog, happy blog, happy blog, period!! happy blog, happy blog, happy blog, period!
how lovely
anyway, how can something be inconclusive
it's either going to be okay or it's not
stupid doctors. so yeah back for more tests in september
jesus christs, i needs my mammy
also fuck it with relationships, i've done my little 'i want a relationship' stage
but it's really done no fucking goood
so i'm going back to the summer :P
i really don't care if you think that makes me a slag
cos i really just want to have fun and keep my mind off hospitals
why is everything followed by drama
i know i love the drama :P but i just want a break from it
omg can't wait.. me and steph in Spain hahaha living it up :P
plans for this month :o
i need to party this weekend, anywhereeeeeeeeeeee
next weekend is Steph's birthday :) most likely at andy's
weekend after that is youmeatsix with david, jack and steph
then two weeks after is Tommy Reilly :D with steph and hannah
i needs to dye my hair soonish
and i've applied for a job so i can save up for Benicassim
i neeeed to meet some new people
well by new people i mean guys :P
eurgh how someone can put so much effort in to talking to you
then suddenly one day nothing, ignorez vous??
ah well, fudge you. there's plenty of other folk in this world
132 followers on dailybooth, kinda proves i'm not the fugliest out of the bunch

Sunday, 23 August 2009


i change my mind
i posted a song that i said was like me
but i think this one is much more appropriate
I listened in,
Yes, I'm guilty of this, you should know this.
I broke down and wrote you back,
Before you had a chance to.
Forget forgotten, I am moving past this,
Giving notice.
I have to go,
Yes, I know that feeling, know you're leaving.
Calm down, I'm calling you to say,
I'm capsized, erring on the edge of safe.
Calm down, I'm calling back to say,
I'm home now and coming around, coming around.
Nobody likes to,
But I really like to cry.
Nobody likes me,
Maybe if I cry.
Spelled out your name and list the reasons.
Faint of heart, don't call me back.
I imagine you and I was distant, not insistent.
I followed suit and laid out on my back,
Imagine that.
A million hours left to think of you and think of that.
Calm down, I'm calling you to say,
I'm capsized, erring on the edge of safe.
Calm down, I'm calling back to say,
I'm home now and coming around, coming around.
Nobody likes to,
But I really like to cry.
Nobody likes me,
Maybe if I cry.
Encircle me,
I need to be taken down.
Encircle me,
I need to be taken down.
Encircle me,
I need to be taken down.
Encircle me,
I need to be taken down.
Nobody likes to,
But I really like to cry.
Nobody likes me,
Maybe if I cry.
Nobody, nobody, nobody,
Nobody, nobody, nobody,
Nobody, nobody, nobody.
Encircle me,
I need to be taken down.
Encircle me,
I need to be taken down.
Encircle me,
I need to be taken down.

Friday, 21 August 2009


i'm sorry
i never meant to hurt you


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

iya pal

hahahaha. it really was, well so far ;)
me, steph, jake, heeps, abbie, beca, david and jack all got to conor's after much confusion
and it was okay, thought it'd be great fun
seeing everyone, haven't seen heeps for months :o
then they started drinking,
and it was okay until everyone got really loud and was falling about the place
and wouldn't play never have i ever properly
so steph and i decided to play it alone really loudly next to them all
with statements that meant we could both drink
anyhoos, we went to go on the trampoline
and i slightly pushed david and he fell and rolled down the FLAT grass
anyway, i went after him and tried to pull him up,
but all he did was pull my arm down so i fell on top of him and he rolled over me.
it started to rain so we all went back into the summer house type thing
and everyone coupled up on the couch
and me and steph just looked at them, and i whispered to her
"is it too late to go to andy's."
it was like 10.15
we went outside and phoned michael, and he was like "please please come, i want to see ma wee petal"
so we went back in got my shoes on steph's bag and steph got her coat and carried her shoes and we just ran to the bus stop in the rain
steph put her shoes on haha.
and i was like uh oh, dunno if we've missed the bus,
then i remembered my phone is 3 minutes fast
so i was like "we've gained time haha"
got the bus to falkirk. and sat in graemestone station for like half an hour
talking to these men who agreed that it was a stupid stupid idea
anyhoos we got on the train and the plan was to hide in the toilet,
but the ticket man was standing right at the toilet and
we walked along trying to find another but there wasn't so we sat down
and had to pay the stupid fare :(
i was getting phone calls from andy and michael constantly
and we got off at waverly, and ran out to where the bus should be
but there was no bus, and no timetables
so we just ran and ran through busy edinburgh
to find a bus stop with a number 55 stagecoach at 00.25
finally we found one, omg such relief hahaha
michael phoned and i was like we found it :D
eventually the bus came, and it took up the rest of my money
and me and steph just sat on the bus plotting to kill this annoying woman
eventually we got to Rosyth and we were like eeeeeeeee
we're nearly there and we were all happy
and we got off the bus at like half one and walked up to andys
so we ran in the door at nearly 2 in the morning
and were like ARGH people shagging, just ran past them
and sat on the couch hahahaha
for ages we were both regretting it and kind of still are
then in the morning shaun hit sean over the head with a frying pan
which made it all better hahahahahaha
and we watched a frigin mutant film..... i hate them
but me and steph were like uh oh
we have no money for a train, cos we used all my money to get there
and we planned to hide on the train again,
but we kept saying oh we'll go for the next train.
anyhoos michael's stepdad ended up taking us to Bo'ness
which is a *cough* lovely place *cough*
we gots the bus, and went through mutant land
and eventually got to falkirk and were like uh oh,
we need an extra 30p to get home
how come when you need so little money there is no money anywhere on the street
so i was like maybe steven will be up town
so i phoned steven and he said he had 30p so we went down to the skatepark
and talked to him for a while and got a few hugs and a pound :)
eventually we got home, aided by 2 and a half freddos each
and i went on msn and had a talk with hannah

(21:32) * LittleBσσts:
me and steph didnt have enough money for the bus home today. and i just thought wilson will give us some money. cos i still immediately think to tell him when i have a problem. which is silly. but i dont know what i want. we went down the skatepark to get like 30p from him haha and i just wanted to hug him for ageeees. i miss him a lot
now you try and tell me i don't care and you were a last resort
i'm not argueing with you anymore
at the very least for now we can be friends
take it or leave it
the shit needs to stop.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Tegan and Sara

i was listening to "Back in Your Head"
and it just makes me think
woah that describes me fairly well..
have a listen to it
it's good :)
Build a wall of books between us in our bed
Repeat, repeat the words that I know we both said
Relax into the need
We get so comfortable
Remember when I was so strange and likeable
I just want back in your head
I just want back in your head
I'm not unfaithful
But I'll stray
When I get a little scared
When I get a little scared
When I get a little
When I jerk away from holding hands with you
I know these habits hurt important parts of you
Remember when I was sweet and unexplainable
Nothing like this person, unlovable
I just want back in your head
I just want back in your head
I'm not unfaithful
But I'll stray
When I get a little scared
When I get a little scared
When I get a little scared
When I get a little
Run, run, run
Run, run, run
I just want back in your head
I just want back in your head
I'm not unfaithful
But I'll stray

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


9 . You work it out . x
A hope you understand .xx
yeah i do, but it's 8, not 9
"one of those girls, nothing but trouble, just one look and now you're seeing double,
before you know it she'll be gone, off to the next one."

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


*Don't talk to girls; they'll break your heart*
i actually cant be bothered writing anything
or argueing haha
my blogs are never happy no more
so today im going to say a few lyrics that only one person in the world will get
and i hope they remember what they mean :)
I've met someone that makes me feel seasick Oh what a skill to have Oh what a skill to have So many skills that make her distinctive But they're not mine to have No they're not mine

Monday, 10 August 2009

common dreads

it started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this, it was only a kiss!
fuck off you absolute dick
you're 22, it was so bloody obvious nothing was going to happen
you made no effort to get in touch with me
however adam did. he told me he was gutted you got there first
and to be perfectly honest so am i
i'm sorry for hurting you, and if you thought i lead you on and if you thought i used you
but you were fucking posessive, and a moments peace would have been good
then do you expect me to be all happy and nice when you say 90% of the folk there think im a hoor and push me, twice..
it's not right, and then texting asking why you deserved this
what the fuck did i actually do to you
nothing apart from making it extremely obvious i didnt like you
and so you've fucked up everything else by doing that
i did actually quite like adam. and you made it impossible for anything to happen
so fuck you, theres only one person in this world i hate,
but believe me your catching up fast
eurgh whatever,
stop trying to meet folk at parties..
where else bubz, seriously. i know im not exactly helping myself
but come on, i meet a lot of people, how can i not find somone nice out of them
i suppose the whole make friends with them first should work
and i did, but someone else ruined that
eurgh, yous arent going out
get over yourself
thats all i have to say, i really dont care anymore
We'll do what we've always done
Shut our eyes and hope for the best
NO! We're gonna face this
And step out onto the tracks
Stare it right in the face

Friday, 7 August 2009


It started out with a kiss How did it end up like this It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss Now I'm falling asleep And she's calling a cab While he's having a smoke And she's taking a drag Now they're going to bed And my stomach is sick And it's all in my head But she's touching his chest Now, he takes off her dress Now, let me go I just can't look its killing me
misinformed much
seriously, that day at the skatepark as been competely blown out of proportion
go and get your facts straight before you go argueing with my friends about it
even better, try coming to me and asking
after all it is me who apparently wouldn't stop the hug
of course not wilson
i'm sorry darlings but yous are delusional
and this isn't even an argument anymore, it's just a few insults
yeah you're younger than us, but it's your behaviour that makes you childish, not your age
so get over it, and grow up a bit
and also you have no right talking about anything to do with me and wilson
it's nothing to do with you
i don't text wilson anymore, and now and again we talk on msn
okay, so clear that up in you heads now
oh and we had one phone call chat a few weeks ago
when he told me a few things
a few things that won't make you happy, since he's apparently your man...
Im asking you defiantly. Would you care would you stare if his lips were fallin down my neck. Would you break a sweat my dear!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

pathetic :)

Keep your hands to yourself, These lips belong to someone else. And you know that you, will never get on it. Keep your lies to yourself, Every lie, you heard from someone else, And you know that you will never get with it. Well I sussed you good. You knew I would. So haven’t you heard? Just a mark, one last shot Another night and another girl? Well I taste so good, But you knew I would. So who's keeping score, On who is a whore? With you by my side That look in your eye I hope you'd know. Go home and wash your jeans, Cause there's dirt on the knees, Your jealously doesn’t sit with me. You love, I love you too, Below the waist I’ll start charging you, Cause that’s just how the players play the game. My winning streak, is missing you.
you're jealousy doesn't sit with meeeeee
seriously, you ain't going to have a chance with me unless that's fixed
neither of you will. i can't be arsed with any petty argueing at the moment
lying to each other about it alll
you complain that i act like i don't care at all
well actually it's cos you aren't making an effort
adam did, he actually talks to me all the time so no wonder i know him
i know him better than i know you
so hush with your complaining and silly arguments between each other, its not a competition
You've made your bed, so sleep in it, but never call me again.You've made your bed, so sleep with him, but know i'm the best you'll get.
your one of the boys haha, take it or get back to the kitchen
BITCH!! hahahaha
but yeah i can look at "decapitated" ankles
sorry chris i cant think of the word the now :(
plus i need to buy a new pair of braces cos someone broke them
argh at chooo
hahahahahahahahaha chloe! epic fail
your blog is such a childish piece of pish
omg your a dug, your a foreigner, you can hang coats on your nose
we really dont care about your crappy insults
and yes you "love" him for now
cos hes feeding you his lies
i hope when this all falls through you feel the same
just you wait till he cheats on you too
oh wait he cant
cos hes not your man
hahahaha you must be gutted
altho im not surprised he doesnt often go for people who look like voldemort with hair
or gollum.... read the fucking book instead of trying to be clever and point out hannahs wrong when she was perfectly correct
while your at it you might pick up a bit of grammar and
perhaps expand your vocabulary
cos "you're a 'dug'" is getting really old
come on, drop it, even your friends are turning against you
oh didn't you know that
oh dear
your friendships are just facsimiles of shams
so when everyone's fallen out with you cos your obsessed with this argument
i hope your happy, and have a happy little life
with the elephant :)
oh i really do!!
oh yeah, what did you get for your exam results?
something to build a future out of?
i didn't think so...
"And for you chloe . stop trying to fight for me .
a can handle my self fine thank you
and you are only trying to help
well thank you anyway :)"
awwww your "preciousssss" even wants you to leave him alone