Wednesday, 18 November 2009


i'm so bored of this life
i'm bored of the place i'm in
i'm bored of the people and wasters around me
i'm bored of school
i want to get away from here
i can't wait till art college
i hope to hell that i get in, because i refuse to stay here any longer than necessary

and do you know what
i'm bored of this stupid drama
i love you
and it's not fair
because you aren't right for me
you are going out with a fat greasy haired munter
you are cheating on her
you tell me you love me then go back to her
and try rub it in my face
i'm sick of it
i'm so bored of everything else that i'm now bored of you
carry on fucking her, fucking lassies at the martell, this robyn lassie
whoever you like
i don't care

yes i wanted you back, i gave up a relationship
because i still have ridiculously strong feelings for you
but i need to take a dose of my own medicine
i refuse to be a hypocrite any more
telling steph wanting to be with michael is wrong
when i wanted me and you to be together
what we had was amazing at the time
but you're never getting that back
and i hate you for everything you've done to me

and most of all i hate that i love you

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