Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Monday, 30 November 2009

martell times <3

me and steph in tiny tiny pyjamas walking in heels down to the martell
it took a frigin long time
then we kind of got cold feet
cos there was no queue there, then brett and that came down
they didnt get in hahaha
so we went up to rialtos with them
brett carried me all the way cos my feet hurt
then we spent an hour or so sitting in there listening to the shitey music
one vodka and orange! that was all we drank that night
then when it closed at like one :o
we met sarah and graham in the taxi and went to the martell
got in no bother :D:D
and danced the night away
such a good time, dancing with chris and mark and smack :L
hahaha and getting a guys monster slippers while he wore my heels
and dancing with a very hot welder ;)
cheeky wee pull much ahhaa
then got a taxi with steph, smack and wee chris at about 3
then straight into bed with stephyyy :D

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


i'm so bored of this life
i'm bored of the place i'm in
i'm bored of the people and wasters around me
i'm bored of school
i want to get away from here
i can't wait till art college
i hope to hell that i get in, because i refuse to stay here any longer than necessary

and do you know what
i'm bored of this stupid drama
i love you
and it's not fair
because you aren't right for me
you are going out with a fat greasy haired munter
you are cheating on her
you tell me you love me then go back to her
and try rub it in my face
i'm sick of it
i'm so bored of everything else that i'm now bored of you
carry on fucking her, fucking lassies at the martell, this robyn lassie
whoever you like
i don't care

yes i wanted you back, i gave up a relationship
because i still have ridiculously strong feelings for you
but i need to take a dose of my own medicine
i refuse to be a hypocrite any more
telling steph wanting to be with michael is wrong
when i wanted me and you to be together
what we had was amazing at the time
but you're never getting that back
and i hate you for everything you've done to me

and most of all i hate that i love you

Monday, 12 October 2009

my bestfriend

Seonaid says:
*i have a plaster on it
*its all good
you're such a sucker for a sweet talker says:
*is it a barbie princess one?
Seonaid says:
*no :(
*i wish
you're such a sucker for a sweet talker says:
*i think my dad bought me new monster ones :P
Seonaid says:
you're such a sucker for a sweet talker says:
*i know
Seonaid says:
*i have boring clear ones
*or "skin" coloured ones
you're such a sucker for a sweet talker says:
*they are the uncoolest
Seonaid says:
*i want cool ones
you're such a sucker for a sweet talker says:
*ill lend you a monster one
*i of course want it returned after use
*theyre too good
Seonaid says:
*of course
you're such a sucker for a sweet talker says:
*seonaid im worried about us
Seonaid says:
*what, that we're too cool
you're such a sucker for a sweet talker says:
Seonaid says:

Saturday, 26 September 2009


best weekend ever!!
and theres still two more days of it
on thursday it was Bright Young Night's single launch for Todd Copper
which i actually love btw!!
download it, download it, download it!!
darren martin has an amazing voice
the night was really good, even though we lost michelle, alex and fiona before we even got there
they stopped for a fag *sighs*
and it's nice inside The Basement as well
the first band that played were shiteeeeeeee
but me and steph stayed and watched them to be polite
then the lead singer was like "this is probably the most appropriate song of the night, it's called jailbate"
so we were like FINEEE
and went and sat up by the bar
the second band were pretty good, the girl had a nice voice, but they were pretty under rehearsed
then Michael's band came on and me, Steph, Conor and Liam were right at the front haha
they're really goood
even with michael's trousers that didnt fit him :P
Friday night was TOMMY REILLY!!!
me and steph were pretty late for it, but it just meant we missed the support which i really didn't mind at all
so amazing, and when he introduced Jackets he said "this is a song about outdoor clothing" and Gimme a Call as "a song about the ABC"
such a good vibe when he played both of them
because just about everyone in there knew the words and sang at the top of their voices
and Tommy was so happy, he kept thanking everyone for coming, and saying how amazing it all was
AND he said that it was the best gig he'd ever played, better than T IN THE PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wish hannah had been able to get tickets for it
as soon as we got out went for irn bru and chips
could not have been a better night unless hannah had been with us

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

ma wee girlfriend aww

Steven McMahon is a massive ghey haha
but he's total loverly and i cannot stay mad at him
and yeah i did have slight doubts
but today he just got rid of them all for me hahahaha
with one line
now that's talent haha, well that or he's just very smooth
steph and i spent the day quizzing david,
he got so uncomfotable and awkward
ah well serves him right :P
Tommy Reilly on Friday
can't wait hahahaha
me and Steph :)
then hopefully when i get a job i can start saving ready for Benicassim
this summer, MGMT better play btw
seeing Adventureland with Seonaid tomorrow after school
and ima hand out CVs down the retail park as we walk towards the cinema haha
seriously, i need a job so badly
i have so little money, and there's benicassim, and like you know CLOTHES i want to buy :P
i love them hahahahah
blue rocketdog ones with owls on them
so cayooots
but yeah, better leave yous
must do this english homework :o
or else Mrs Craig will pimp slap me and Demi will not be pleased if i miss another class haha

lack of blogging much

jesus christ haven't blogged in ages
but so much has happened
so i think i shall
well maybe haha, when i remember