Friday, 31 July 2009

confused much!

yeah i knew it was just some fun, but you've now confused me much
and that chat log with steph really got to me, i didnt realise yous thought that
but i thought i felt the same way as you,
but the way you went on about being worried, and you didnt want to hurt feelings and you felt bad cos you're not like that made me think
you're a really lovely person, thats why you're my friend
and everything steph said about you having a chance in the chat
is rather true probably, but it's not for the reasons you think
plus you said i'm not just some random lassie, but you're wrong when you talked about my options
my life is soooo much better than it has been
i've had so much fun the past few months but i'm getting to that stage, where i'm sick of it
and i hadn't realised it till wednesday night at stephs,
when michael said such nice things.
thanks for picking up on the fact it was getting me down, it was nice that you put your arm round me
and then last night, just sitting with you and chris was nice, cosy much haha
but i didn't think anything more of it, friends much
so yeah i suppose steph's statement about me is fairly true.
but the point is, that it's a bit of fun, and you should have asked me
you know who i want, you were going to talk to him hahaha,
and the rest of my options hahaha, a few im not interested in, a few it is impossible, one iv not seen in ages, another was a bit of fun, one im seeing soon and the other is the confusing option...
the god damn confusing option that is with the psycho
the confusing option that isn't an option really
i wish id gone camping...
There’s beats and there’s pulses and there’s
rhythm in the soul
and I try to stand quite calmly as I lose control
see this girl was here
and she ain’t no more
she loves this very floor
loves this very floor
Gimme a call
you’ve got a phone don’t you turn it on cause
I need to hear from you
do you know why
cause I saw something today that made it all come
it all came back to me
Nobody told me that tonight would be the night that I was due a little surprise
See I thought she was my friend but now I love her
But friends in love don't go together
From the start, as she gets in to the car she lets in enough air to startle
See I thought she was my friend but now I love her
Another drizzle keeps us together, if I was to say something
With all this weather my jacket wont stop her shivering but I'll give it anyway
And I thought it was a vague line between like and love
But tonight it's very clear to us
My jacket wont stop her shivering but I'll give it anyway
I'll give it anyway
And I've since blurred my thoughts I think tonight this could be nice
And I'm falling down on this judgement
Even though it isn't right
And I've since blurred my thoughts out
I think we should be moving on
And I'm falling down on this judgement
Even though it's wrong
Even though it's wrong


i know this was like nearly a week ago, but i still havent blogged about it ooops
we went to seee michael (steph's burd haha) play at the barrowlands
and we spent ages walking round glasgow getting drink haha,
we lost two bottles of vodka, one to the police, theiving bums haha
and one got dropped out the bottom of a shitty sainsburys bag :O
andrew and michael went off to the train toilets to put the vodka into the juice haha, they were away an abnormally long time :P
but yeah we may have been the littlest bitty non sober haha, and we spent ages outside before we went in, telling each other how pretty they were haha
but yeah finally went in, and steph got chatted up by some 30 year old haha
i goes to her, did you tell him you were taken?
and she said that shed gone, my burds playing here tonight
i was like o0o0o0o smooth for a drunk :L
but yeah when michael was playing i pulled steph to the stage, and she fell on her face, so i picked her up by her hand and dragged her haha, then the body guard was like naw pal.
and steph got kicked out, so jo went with her
then andrew came back to get me and we left hahaha
and walked about glasgow for a bit
and the drunken foo' steph lost her phone :O
hehehe, then andrew was like are we heading back to my flat
and we agreed, without knowing his flat was in DUNFERMLINE!
but yeah steph and michael got the bus back, and me jo and andrew were stranded much, and had an £80 taxi ride back!!!
and we got back to the flat, and as soon as we got there steph and michael and andrew and jo went to sleep, and i was like eh, i dont know these other people
but i was like fudge it and sat down and talked to them lulz
and they wanted to watch scary films
and i was frigin terrified, and jumped and screamed every two minutes lulz
i ended up hugging into graham, i was soooo scared
then andrew came back, with chilli
and we had an imaginary fight across the room lulz
oooooh and we has a secret hahaha, to keep to ourselves that eh.. everyone knows haha
and we all stayed up all night
twas fun, till me and steph realised we couldnt get home,
and scrounged train money :D
good times

Friday, 24 July 2009

pent up anger

i like you,more than i should,more than you could,ever like me too.when will i,see the light?and realise,this isn't allright.sorry if i seem a bit forward,i tend to read the book without reading the foreword,but i know that this will work out for me,i've got something that appears to belong to you, you's not unlike me,to jump in without knowing,if your love is growing,if you love is please excuse me for getting too far in,if you said you liked me, what was i suppose to think?if you take the time you'll realise,why i thought it was mine for the taking.
sound familiar?
sounds like most relationships i've ever been in
at the moment i am truly in love with my tumblr and my dailybooth
56 followers betches!!
haha, therefore i must be doing something right, eh?
but hazel land took a massive blow,
the day i came home infact. my faith in mankind is dipping muchly
as it seems everyone feels, promises are made to be broken
the amount of chances i gave you was unholy,
you broke then one promise, the most important promise
and now you're no longer apart of hazel land
i know this sounds childish, but in all seriousness
doing that hurt me alot, and this time i'm not giving you another chance
you've made your choice, so stop with trying to guilt trip me back into it
and for fudge sake, when i say don't phone me/leave me alone/fuck off and die, etc
it means do not phone, text, msn, bebo comment me
you've fucked up an unholy amount
get over yourself, get over me, and grow up
i don't even take you seriously as a person anymore
this is me finally taking a stand,
and steph, if i start to waver on this
you have permission to slap me about till i reach my senses
anywhore on a lighter, much more happy note,
i'm happy.
relationships are out of the window for the foreseeable
i'm going to have fun, michael's gig saturday should be fun,
get to see my darling steph as she'll be back from la gay paris
i like meeting new people tooo
i've came across a number of people who are funny and i enjoy speaking too
shaun of course, we will camp, ya bitch :P damn you with your countdown, and of course i won!
craig smith is lulz, with his girly hugs haha
new steven :P, i havent spoken to you in a week or so, make me lul tho
will, who i came across just yesterday haha, random talks about leggings and the elderly
it truly amazes me the random crap i can find to talk about
soo my plans so far :L
i belive steph is home today, i really hope she is, i miss her
ryan invited me up stirling today, have no idea whether ill go or not
tomorrow is michael's gig at the barrowlands, which should be fun on a stick
sunday im seeing siobhan if all goes to plan, have a girly day :P
and next week is a mine field, anything could happen haha
but the week after that shall be hell,
i have to take my brother to summer school then bring him home
while having a social life around this, its going to cost me a frigin fortune
bus to denny plus brother, bus to where the party's at :P, bus to denny, bus home plus brother, bus back to where the party's at
WTF!!! however i am getting paid for this utter hell
and so ill also try to sneak in the buses getting paid for too :P
i don't think i have anything more to say..
oh apart from, if you ever even speak to me again you trampy hoor,
im not going to be calm and nicey nice, i was so utterly annoyed when i saw you on that bus,
i could have actually strangled you there and then,
then you swearing at me and trying to act all hard
clever of course, oh and what the fuck where you wearing, glitter words on your tights, are you 5?
and feathers on your shoes, and what the fuck was with your hair,
do not get me started on your face, seriously bulldog licking pish off a nettle springs to mind
so get you fat slagish repulsive self away from my life
i really do not want it tainted anymore than it has been
over and out!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Scotty Vanity

the most lulz song iv heard in ages,
the only thing that slightly rivals it is the lets go to the mall one
Hey there, I like your hair
Who does your hair? I wanna go there
Pshyeah, I like your hair
Who does your hair? I wanna go there
Hey bitches, my scalp itches
I'll do my own damn hair
I need more gel
My hair looks like hell
Fucking bitches
Oh My God
Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads
More like dreadheads
Oh My God
Hey there, I like your hair
Who does your hair? I wanna go there
Pshyeah, I like your hair
Who does your hair? I wanna go there
Let's get a dike spike
Are those highlights?
That's a great color
Let's totally get a perm
Time to retouch those roots
Oh My God
Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads
More like dreadheads
Oh My God
Hey there, I like your hair
Who does your hair? I wanna go there
Pshyeah, I like your hair
Who does your hair? I wanna go there
Where's my flat iron?
Where's my flat iron?
Where's my flat iron?
Where's my flat iron?
Where's my flat iron?
Where's my flat iron
What a slut (excuse me)
But I like your cut (oh really?)
You're such a slut (You still think I'm a slut?)
Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads
More like dreadheads
Oh My God
Hey there, I like your hair
Who does your hair? I wanna go there
Pshyeah, I like your hair
Who does your hair? I wanna go there
Hey there, I like your hair
Who does your hair? I wanna go there
Pshyeah, I like your hair
Who does your hair? I wanna go there
Oh My God
Oh My God
Oh My God
Just shave it off

Saturday, 18 July 2009

what ze hell?!

right seriously, you are a dick
everyone knows it, so what the hell do you need to show it for all the time?
he's one of my very best friends, i tell him everything
plus i'd like to emphasise the word friends!!
you're not familiar with thus word as you don't have any
it's none of your business what happens between them anyway
what's the need, abusive phonecalls
they're hardly funny,
you actually can't keep out of anything
you phoned me constantly one night after seans party
anything that happened at that party has nothing to do with you
nothing to do with me and wilson has anything to do with you
you're a childish little dick
who thinks he's funny
oh and helping your "best friend"
no ones believing it
you take pleasure in hurting folk needlessly
so fuck off
i want nothing to do with you
but i wouldnt say no to help push the knive in
also wilson
if you had anything to do with this
you will regret it, believe me
he's been a better friend to me than you ever have
so dont disappoint me now
oh and also if folk think that we dyed our hair as a pact
how annoyed ill be is indescribeable
hmmm, anyone else for me to rant at....
i dont think so
so my world revolves around david :P
hes in elgin lulz
iv been there but according to him they all speak funny
and walk like dogs :L hahaha
i luled and told him of the rain farmers and hills hell encounter
home on wednesday
to slap the fools and hug my loved
cannot wait

Friday, 17 July 2009

chevaux rouge..

bad french spelling lol
scarborough was cosy warm
and nice, hella lot of ice cream and candy floss :P
and a loong time spent on the beach
and shopping lulz
anyhoos i dyed my hair finally
red tis the best!!
i'm in newcastle now and rather bored
i miss my stephy
and soonood and con con
and my lulz with mr. heeps,
and dear david
he's a cold hearted bitch
but my world revolves round him :P
home on wednesday YAY!!
there better be a hella lot of parties,
i wants to be busy night and day again
its how i live my life haha
tommy reilly in september!!
with hannah and steph :D
then yeah yeah yeahs in december wooo
actually cant wait
i want to see HP
oh and dont you fudging dare give my number out again you
fat assed ugly alien slag!!
and also its a question i wrote on a blog
you know, showing an interest
wanting to know you were okay,
plus it was written ages ago
get over yourself!
on a lighter note i saw 14 year olds with mullets :L
and massive hugs ftw craig!!

Thursday, 2 July 2009


actually dying of heat
but do i care? no!

swimming yesterday with steph and conor
cos we is epic cool likes :P
then went back to conor's for drinkies, champagne is all he had :P
so we drank it up
then we were ridiculously mean :(
soweee conor
nah not really twas hilarious at the time :)

we were about to leave at like 12 or something and they wouldn't let us
apparently we were to get a lift home
due to the fact denny is rape central ?! :S
but yeah we weren't happy but went along with this ridiculousness
we were standing on his drive and we walked to the bottom to laugh at a guy who stalled 3 times :L
then we got shouted at "where are you going"
i was like argh we wants to leave :P
then when we were eventually back at Steph's we went out
and walked around denny and dunipace for like 2 and a half hours
good times lol
i was hella tired but it was too warm to sit in the house
then getting bloody phoned at 5 in the morning
we'd only been asleep for like an hour god damn it Ryan!!
all in all fun night!!
party tomorrow in edinburgh
then party saturday and camping woooo