Tuesday, 30 June 2009


i have my new laptop
i'm actually so mother fudging happy right now

btw im sorry about my last blog
wrote it while a little tipsy
it upset some feelings that i didn't mean to upset
it still stands however

and im nomming on HUBBA BUBBA!!
life couldn't be better :P

ta ta for now

Saturday, 27 June 2009


yay the summer has started
booooo mj is gone :(
found out she's gone on holiday
could this be a good thing
she's not in your name no more
ah well i can't be sure about everything
but he knows how i feel about him and that hasn't changed
absence makes the heart grow fonder, eh
it sure does
tbh i just want to spend a day with you
or go to a party with you again
and spend the whole night with you
last time was lovely
you looked after me and it was filled with running away so we could be alone
and upstairs kissing till we realised Michelle was still there :P
the whole me bokeing kinda ruined it
but you still looked after me, put me to bed and stayed with me till i fell asleep
in all honesty that's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me
plus in the morning we got in bed together and just hugged
and you let me wear your clothes
and i liked it cos the hoodie smelled like you
and wen i gave it back you said it smelled like me and wore it that night :)
when i remember all the fun little things we did when we spent time together
it makes me smile really big
but then again it makes me sad it's not like that anymore
and i really do wish it was, i miss you
i don't know how you feel but this is how i do. <3

Monday, 22 June 2009

dun dun dun!!!

i now has tumblr :O woah
yeah soon enough i will be living my life through the interwebz
ah wells
i told you, you always say we'll talk but we never do
i was frigin well right!!
but hey ho, no more argueing
no more sneaky bitchy comments
i want to be the person i used to be
even if it means
having no one interested
because it didnt used to matter to me
because at least people had a little respect for me,
and i was a nice enough person
plus i want to be the person who always puts their friends first again
kinda fudged that up on the 8th of december
altho none of this counts wen im under the influence of alcamahol of couse :P
i can not be held responsible for my actions
yeah, im still pretty pissed at one person in particular
so believe me just avoid me wen im on the drinkies
i wont hold back..
oh and silly little psycho bitch,
no one wants to listen to your failed attempts to make fun of me.
you fail and you are disliked
you have one friend who tells me everything you say about me
so get over yourself and just be nice, kai?
i really dont have time to care for your crap.
hehe "i'll never let go, Seonaid!"
she's never seen titanic yet was trying to impersonate two main characters
also i must remember what your reply of "yeah, but i wouldn't have sex with you." was in reply to.
it was hella funneh bitches :P
we're gonna join the theatre
and have leading roles in Chicago!!
imagine how fun that would be :P
tell your boyfriend, if he says hes got beef,
that im a vegetarian and i aint fucking scared of him
its fun to sing in free periods
number 1 game i feel
tis amazing but makes a lot of mess and angers fellow table members
who are angered wen hit by rogue biscuits
ta ta for now
that was quite gay, scratch that
byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i love you
^^ there not camp in the slightest :P

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Iya Pal :P

i haven't written in a while
so i thought i'd tell you a little snippet on my life right now
i am loving Dailybooth
i got featured in a dailybooth blog
the number of followers i have has gone up to 40
i'm loving advanced higher art
it's a lot of work so i'm ashamed to say
i'm leaving advanced maths behind
and shall be living in the Art department from now on :P
i went to RTT on wednesday
which i must say
was more crap than awesome
but it was awesome meeting ryan and such likes
they're a good laugh plus
they help me annoy steph lol
shaun makes me smile hefty much
i was in a mood with him for a while but i'm done with that now
plus i promised i wouldn't get upset
while he's on his "trial basis relationship"
which sucks but hey ho
oh and also hello single life :P
i'm going to get a job so i have some pennies
then buy loads of new clothes for summer
dye my hair and party :)
i'm going to have fun this summer
plus UNICORN KID on 23rd
i cannot wait lol
plus my dear con con is back from france
which makes me happyful
i want to go camping!!
come on peoples you know you want to tooo.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

i am the one and only

i have taken a liking to this song today
lol haha
i get bored you see

i found a picture that made me smile
two people sleeping side by side
but holding hands
still holding hands even tho they're asleep
it's really cute and special
and even slightly

but who's to say what love really is
love is shown today in an overwhelming romanticised state
such as:

You know you are in love
when you see the world in her eyes,
and her eyes everywhere in the world.
- David Levesque -

Love is like a mountain,
hard to climb,
but once you get to the top
the view is beautiful.
- Daniel Monroe Tuttle -

but romanticism is just lust in its purest form
isnt love truly more like this:

We sat side by side in the morning light
and looked out at the future together.
- Brian Andres -

Thursday, 4 June 2009

pandas hehe

gathering up all the little sprinkles of joy life has to offer
im very happy today
my classics exam was frickin amazing
the exact things i revised this morning with seonaid
were in the exam
so that is gooods
then i spoked to shaun
which was nice
however his blood alcohol level was high
which made it even nicer hahaha
just kidding
but yeah hugs bye turned into being carried across the road then getting more hugs
and being complained at for being to small
so i "grew" and it was awesomer
im happyful we're talking
oh and im sorry for the tan/dirt comments :P
do you know what doesnt make me happyful though
when someone who is on a very thin ice with me at the moment
doesnt come in wen they said they would
dont you think i needed a little
moral support
i was freaking out about my exam
i told you a long time ago
"its the little things that make a big difference"
you should actually pay attention
to it this time
because being given a third chance with me is extremely rare
and if you fuck it up this time
its goodbye
and believe me it wont be a silent ignoration of your existence again
you hurt me again and ill hurt you ten times as much
i can destroy it all with one phrase
and if what you say is true
than it should hurt you a heck of a lot

btw whats a happening with grant and jemma?