Tuesday, 22 September 2009

ma wee girlfriend aww

Steven McMahon is a massive ghey haha
but he's total loverly and i cannot stay mad at him
and yeah i did have slight doubts
but today he just got rid of them all for me hahahaha
with one line
now that's talent haha, well that or he's just very smooth
steph and i spent the day quizzing david,
he got so uncomfotable and awkward
ah well serves him right :P
Tommy Reilly on Friday
can't wait hahahaha
me and Steph :)
then hopefully when i get a job i can start saving ready for Benicassim
this summer, MGMT better play btw
seeing Adventureland with Seonaid tomorrow after school
and ima hand out CVs down the retail park as we walk towards the cinema haha
seriously, i need a job so badly
i have so little money, and there's benicassim, and like you know CLOTHES i want to buy :P
i love them hahahahah
blue rocketdog ones with owls on them
so cayooots
but yeah, better leave yous
must do this english homework :o
or else Mrs Craig will pimp slap me and Demi will not be pleased if i miss another class haha

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