Tuesday, 17 February 2009

love. love.. love...

I've never done this before
but everything is really fucked up at the moment and i can't talk to folk without greeting
so im going to type it
PLAN!! lol

anyway people make up things and others find it amusing to say its true
to wind others up or for whatever reason
thats fine but not when it's leading to this
i have crap going on in my life that i cant deal with
my mums got an operation soon cos of her heart
my dad is basically taking all his stress and anger out on me cos of this
hence ridiculous amount of eye make up on today
plus i have secrets to keep for people which, if they get found out, will ruin more than one relationship

there's one person who makes this all better though
but because of other people, me being an arse, even avoiding his eye contact, walking off with other people alone, him having stuff in his life to deal with that isn't my business to talk about and him believeing other people who enjoy all the drama over me

before i met him i was sooo innocent
and it's good in someways that has changed but in others its not.
in the last 3 months i've been with him i have kissed (not pulled) 4 lassies, actually thats a lie. I've pulled one.
but anyways yeah. 4 lassies and him. not one other guy

i love him more than i can even explain
words are meaningless for how i feel for him
he knows i love him
i know he loves me
we've planned our futures together
and im not going to throw this away.

so if i ask for a hug it means im about to greet so just hug me tight and dont let go till i do

love you
me and you is the one thing that matters to me
your my whole world.

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