Sunday, 8 March 2009

so it got worse..

so i lost that one good thing in my life
and it basically made me think "wtf is the point anymore?!
you were the only thing that kept me sane and you can't be with me right now."

monday. seonaid's house. we had a mass leftovers feast. and went to the bank. Hardcore!!
tuesday. possibly passed english. wooo
wednesday. classics exam failage.
thursday. didnt really feel it necessary to go to my history exam so mr ross is on the war path for me (hehe war, - history, conor pointed it out nm lol) and got a bollocking from the hoff :L ah well. dogged it with matt (alex finds this immensely funny lol). on a break too which wasn't as bad as expected, you hugged me and let me has a few tears.
thursday night. i sat in the house drinking quite a lot for me, taking whatever i could find that i thought might make me forget, knowing fully well i had my maths exam the next day. oops. on the phone to you most of the night greeting and breaking up. did something i never thought i'd do which folk don't seem to believe was a cat... hmm. totally ruined my skins watching lol
friday. maths exam failage. watched zoolander lol highlight of the week. :L
saturday. up town. turns out you were there. which was a surprise. good and bad i spose. once we actually spoke to each other it got better tho. up the spot sitting on the trees talking was good. i find it hard to talk to folk except you. but yeah it was good then we went away and i got my hand stuck in jaggys and you pulled the jaggy bits out with your teeth. thank you.
now. snowing which is nice but its not lying :(. 'revising' for art lol ah itll have to be a record for me if i fail this too.

on a lighter note i has a tranny sheep
my last one was cruelly murdered in the joint (yes i will still call it a joint, it is not a cafeteria or watever crap were aposed to call it now, itll always be the joint) so i buyed another kinder egg and it had another tranny sheep in. i was like omg yays.
also i really like Taylor Swift's song - Love Story
^^ i never thought id like her stuff but this has cute lyrics :)
also i has a boy jacket lol i saw it in Tompan and i was like i wants
it has triangles on hehe. and its still clean even after being up the spot and in the rain in it. :O

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