Thursday, 23 April 2009


you sent me a picture today
that youd been looking at yesterday that made you sad
and yep sure enough it does
looking at it for the first few seconds made me happy then i just felt like bawling
seeing it was like butterflies in my stomach mixed with it tied in knots from sadness and then all the shit feelings from missing someone
so im not exactly in a positive mood.
plus my grandparents are coming this weekend
oh yay
i was on the phone to my gran like an hour ago
and she asked me one question that reduced me to tears
and believe me i dont sound good when im greetin down the phone
then getting a text from someone who i completely regret even meeting
yeah im kinda blanking them.
its mean but i assume theyll eventually give up
and i can get on with my plan
aha yes i carefully devised a new life plan.
iv forgotten most of it but its written somewhere

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