Thursday, 30 April 2009

no more

i cant pretend anymore
i cant deal with it all
i cant keep living
i cant stop loving

but i have to try and do it all to be happy
i just want to be happy again

im disappointed that i actually went to the motorway.
tbh alex is probs the main reason i stopped
because wen i felt like giving up and it was all too much
he appeared
and hugged me.
yeah he thot i was going to see simon haha
but he was sort of there wen i needed someone if you no wat i mean

anyway. i feel like a spaztic retard.
i should have said yes on sunday
but theres no point sitting regreting

i have good friends right now
seonaid. i know iv been neglecting our friendship but shes always there when i need her. were going shopping tomorrow and saturday so i dont look like a trampy hobo no more :L
michelle. thank you for telling me and being there. i really need you as my shoulder to cry on at the moment. lu
conor. your an amazing friend even wen your hurting me and pulling my clothes apart lol. ill keep your secret to my grave.
and dionne. your really great. and i know i can trust you hehe. your plan for shaun is epic haha and you make me feel better about all the crap. i talk to you about all my problems. thank you. lu!!

anyway school is better. iv finished my whole art folio.
im allowed to take advanced art next year :)
me and david shall teach advanced awesomeness!!
im in the money. so mass shopping spree lol

just remember im happy on the outside but dieing on the inside

oh and thank you to the very many people who huggeded me today
michelle and alan :L
jemma, andrea, jordan, conor, shaun, im sure there were others but i forget when bawling :P

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