Wednesday, 22 April 2009

whys it so hard

ah happy days
im not going to do the usual and recite the bad stuff
because it really isnt over

sooo iv gotten close with people i never thot i would
michelle - love her, shes one of the few people who believe were meant to be, she'll listen to me moan when im upset and be happy with me when im smiley.!
sam - i wuv her, we have a secret pact to help out my dear sean :) we missed like the whole day on the last day of school and went to sam's house and died sean's hair.. fun times since we went back at lunch and his girlfriend (who is crazy i must say) absolutely screached at him :O
sean - hehe i think iv basically said all about sean lol we goes to the shop and he buys custard donuts that were impersonating jam ones lol damn them
plus the usual people are still there.
steven - he confuses me sometimes, and we greet together.. wait sorry no he has man weeps lol he tackles me to the ground, we has bad days but we also has amazing days, and tbh sometimes one little amazing thing cancels out all the bad stuff. he makes me happier than anything in the world, but then again a few little words can bring my down to rock bottom in a flash. but i suppose in a way it works. we have a crazy disorganised upsetting happy confusing relationship but i kinda love it. people say that im being stupid and hes a cunt but he makes me life complete. like i said the simple things matter, like slapping someone cos they slapped me and it hurted my eye :( when were happy were really happy but when were sad were really sad!!
my dear seonaid - we does maths :)
ryan - i apparently lol in his face and laugh at his run. which are both very true

and guess what :O
im going to wear a skirt tomorrow omg!!!
oh and briefcases is gid
and i am now gayface hahzle to conor lol


cassius said...
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cassius said...
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