Thursday, 3 September 2009


Steph's gonna be 17 on sunday whoop whoop
cake disaster hahaha
dont ever bet someone to eat 2/3 of a cake for £3
it ends badly :P
anyhoos, yaaaayyy even though she's whipped!
party for steph sunday, plus i've coaxed david and seonaid into it too
anyways i'm making no sense
sooooo fucking happy!!!!!
i got put in for English this year
and that means i'm going to MOTHER TRUCKIN' ART SCHOOL!!!!!! (hopefully)
in less than a year i will be out of this hell hole and into a new one
but i'll own it!!!!
i actually can't wait
my own flat to fuck up
i'll never survive on my own but stilll, PARTYSSSSSS!!!!
getting my passport sorted tooo
and BENICASSIM in the summer
what better way to say goodbye to all your friends than for everyone to go to Spain for a festival
it is going to be amazingggggg
ooooh you me at six next weekend and tommy reilly the 25th for stephs birthday present
but yeah my life actually has a path to it now
and believe me nothing is going to throw me off it this time
right i'll stop with all my excitement
awwwwwww i'm actually ecstatic likes!!
and Steven makes me lol so much likes
he's an actual douche and listens to some pish
but he's actually great! wee piece a man candy hahahah
Seonaid told me when she was in glasgow there was the usual bagpipe player near the train station
but he was playing Party All The Time by Sharam
and there was an Iranian man dancing next to him
i actually thought it was brilliant and got out my headphones
as i'm so cool i have it :P
so seonaid and i listened to so
"my girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time!!"
it made me sooooooooooo happpy!!

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