Friday, 1 May 2009

haha. as if!!

lol great talk with david and david today.
oh and darren.
according to these people i cheated with:
matt briggs, simon nelson, shaun ross, smack, grant hyslop, david mcgreachan, conor smith, reuben.
im sure there were more but i cant even remember thats how unrealistic it is
haha as if!! seriously
also the fact was left out that i was cheated on.
darren was extremely surprised. :P

to clear it all up
you slept with sam.
i slept with reuben. i was a doosh. i regret it.
you slept with sam
its over.

now you know so
dont keep asking me. pweese :)

simple as
so im not going to fanny around being sad and alsorts.
im over it.
plus i really like someone
its really complicated because of allsorts.
but hes great :)
we has lots of hugs and he makes me smile
i feel as happy as i was way back last june.
at that time id met someone i really liked and we got on really well.
im starting to be smiley again.
but i wish id said yes on sunday.
if i could go back i would.
wheres conor with that time machine when i need him :P

anyways. more shopping in the morning, big in falkirk in the afternoon, drinkage!!
plus bank holiday on monday. yay!! chillaxing!! yeah im that cool lol
my daddy just handed me £65. how kind hehe :)

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