Monday, 22 June 2009

dun dun dun!!!

i now has tumblr :O woah
yeah soon enough i will be living my life through the interwebz
ah wells
i told you, you always say we'll talk but we never do
i was frigin well right!!
but hey ho, no more argueing
no more sneaky bitchy comments
i want to be the person i used to be
even if it means
having no one interested
because it didnt used to matter to me
because at least people had a little respect for me,
and i was a nice enough person
plus i want to be the person who always puts their friends first again
kinda fudged that up on the 8th of december
altho none of this counts wen im under the influence of alcamahol of couse :P
i can not be held responsible for my actions
yeah, im still pretty pissed at one person in particular
so believe me just avoid me wen im on the drinkies
i wont hold back..
oh and silly little psycho bitch,
no one wants to listen to your failed attempts to make fun of me.
you fail and you are disliked
you have one friend who tells me everything you say about me
so get over yourself and just be nice, kai?
i really dont have time to care for your crap.
hehe "i'll never let go, Seonaid!"
she's never seen titanic yet was trying to impersonate two main characters
also i must remember what your reply of "yeah, but i wouldn't have sex with you." was in reply to.
it was hella funneh bitches :P
we're gonna join the theatre
and have leading roles in Chicago!!
imagine how fun that would be :P
tell your boyfriend, if he says hes got beef,
that im a vegetarian and i aint fucking scared of him
its fun to sing in free periods
number 1 game i feel
tis amazing but makes a lot of mess and angers fellow table members
who are angered wen hit by rogue biscuits
ta ta for now
that was quite gay, scratch that
byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i love you
^^ there not camp in the slightest :P

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Steph_Obstreperous said...

lmao, fellow table members <3

love you bubs :D