Saturday, 13 June 2009

Iya Pal :P

i haven't written in a while
so i thought i'd tell you a little snippet on my life right now
i am loving Dailybooth
i got featured in a dailybooth blog
the number of followers i have has gone up to 40
i'm loving advanced higher art
it's a lot of work so i'm ashamed to say
i'm leaving advanced maths behind
and shall be living in the Art department from now on :P
i went to RTT on wednesday
which i must say
was more crap than awesome
but it was awesome meeting ryan and such likes
they're a good laugh plus
they help me annoy steph lol
shaun makes me smile hefty much
i was in a mood with him for a while but i'm done with that now
plus i promised i wouldn't get upset
while he's on his "trial basis relationship"
which sucks but hey ho
oh and also hello single life :P
i'm going to get a job so i have some pennies
then buy loads of new clothes for summer
dye my hair and party :)
i'm going to have fun this summer
plus UNICORN KID on 23rd
i cannot wait lol
plus my dear con con is back from france
which makes me happyful
i want to go camping!!
come on peoples you know you want to tooo.

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