Thursday, 4 June 2009

pandas hehe

gathering up all the little sprinkles of joy life has to offer
im very happy today
my classics exam was frickin amazing
the exact things i revised this morning with seonaid
were in the exam
so that is gooods
then i spoked to shaun
which was nice
however his blood alcohol level was high
which made it even nicer hahaha
just kidding
but yeah hugs bye turned into being carried across the road then getting more hugs
and being complained at for being to small
so i "grew" and it was awesomer
im happyful we're talking
oh and im sorry for the tan/dirt comments :P
do you know what doesnt make me happyful though
when someone who is on a very thin ice with me at the moment
doesnt come in wen they said they would
dont you think i needed a little
moral support
i was freaking out about my exam
i told you a long time ago
"its the little things that make a big difference"
you should actually pay attention
to it this time
because being given a third chance with me is extremely rare
and if you fuck it up this time
its goodbye
and believe me it wont be a silent ignoration of your existence again
you hurt me again and ill hurt you ten times as much
i can destroy it all with one phrase
and if what you say is true
than it should hurt you a heck of a lot

btw whats a happening with grant and jemma?

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