Saturday, 27 June 2009


yay the summer has started
booooo mj is gone :(
found out she's gone on holiday
could this be a good thing
she's not in your name no more
ah well i can't be sure about everything
but he knows how i feel about him and that hasn't changed
absence makes the heart grow fonder, eh
it sure does
tbh i just want to spend a day with you
or go to a party with you again
and spend the whole night with you
last time was lovely
you looked after me and it was filled with running away so we could be alone
and upstairs kissing till we realised Michelle was still there :P
the whole me bokeing kinda ruined it
but you still looked after me, put me to bed and stayed with me till i fell asleep
in all honesty that's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me
plus in the morning we got in bed together and just hugged
and you let me wear your clothes
and i liked it cos the hoodie smelled like you
and wen i gave it back you said it smelled like me and wore it that night :)
when i remember all the fun little things we did when we spent time together
it makes me smile really big
but then again it makes me sad it's not like that anymore
and i really do wish it was, i miss you
i don't know how you feel but this is how i do. <3

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