Wednesday, 26 August 2009

fudge you

i really can't be bothered with anything right now
but hey ho, thought i'd blog...
haha just remembered what dean said about my blogs haha
happy blog, happy blog, happy blog, period!! happy blog, happy blog, happy blog, period!
how lovely
anyway, how can something be inconclusive
it's either going to be okay or it's not
stupid doctors. so yeah back for more tests in september
jesus christs, i needs my mammy
also fuck it with relationships, i've done my little 'i want a relationship' stage
but it's really done no fucking goood
so i'm going back to the summer :P
i really don't care if you think that makes me a slag
cos i really just want to have fun and keep my mind off hospitals
why is everything followed by drama
i know i love the drama :P but i just want a break from it
omg can't wait.. me and steph in Spain hahaha living it up :P
plans for this month :o
i need to party this weekend, anywhereeeeeeeeeeee
next weekend is Steph's birthday :) most likely at andy's
weekend after that is youmeatsix with david, jack and steph
then two weeks after is Tommy Reilly :D with steph and hannah
i needs to dye my hair soonish
and i've applied for a job so i can save up for Benicassim
i neeeed to meet some new people
well by new people i mean guys :P
eurgh how someone can put so much effort in to talking to you
then suddenly one day nothing, ignorez vous??
ah well, fudge you. there's plenty of other folk in this world
132 followers on dailybooth, kinda proves i'm not the fugliest out of the bunch

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