Thursday, 6 August 2009

pathetic :)

Keep your hands to yourself, These lips belong to someone else. And you know that you, will never get on it. Keep your lies to yourself, Every lie, you heard from someone else, And you know that you will never get with it. Well I sussed you good. You knew I would. So haven’t you heard? Just a mark, one last shot Another night and another girl? Well I taste so good, But you knew I would. So who's keeping score, On who is a whore? With you by my side That look in your eye I hope you'd know. Go home and wash your jeans, Cause there's dirt on the knees, Your jealously doesn’t sit with me. You love, I love you too, Below the waist I’ll start charging you, Cause that’s just how the players play the game. My winning streak, is missing you.
you're jealousy doesn't sit with meeeeee
seriously, you ain't going to have a chance with me unless that's fixed
neither of you will. i can't be arsed with any petty argueing at the moment
lying to each other about it alll
you complain that i act like i don't care at all
well actually it's cos you aren't making an effort
adam did, he actually talks to me all the time so no wonder i know him
i know him better than i know you
so hush with your complaining and silly arguments between each other, its not a competition
You've made your bed, so sleep in it, but never call me again.You've made your bed, so sleep with him, but know i'm the best you'll get.
your one of the boys haha, take it or get back to the kitchen
BITCH!! hahahaha
but yeah i can look at "decapitated" ankles
sorry chris i cant think of the word the now :(
plus i need to buy a new pair of braces cos someone broke them
argh at chooo
hahahahahahahahaha chloe! epic fail
your blog is such a childish piece of pish
omg your a dug, your a foreigner, you can hang coats on your nose
we really dont care about your crappy insults
and yes you "love" him for now
cos hes feeding you his lies
i hope when this all falls through you feel the same
just you wait till he cheats on you too
oh wait he cant
cos hes not your man
hahahaha you must be gutted
altho im not surprised he doesnt often go for people who look like voldemort with hair
or gollum.... read the fucking book instead of trying to be clever and point out hannahs wrong when she was perfectly correct
while your at it you might pick up a bit of grammar and
perhaps expand your vocabulary
cos "you're a 'dug'" is getting really old
come on, drop it, even your friends are turning against you
oh didn't you know that
oh dear
your friendships are just facsimiles of shams
so when everyone's fallen out with you cos your obsessed with this argument
i hope your happy, and have a happy little life
with the elephant :)
oh i really do!!
oh yeah, what did you get for your exam results?
something to build a future out of?
i didn't think so...
"And for you chloe . stop trying to fight for me .
a can handle my self fine thank you
and you are only trying to help
well thank you anyway :)"
awwww your "preciousssss" even wants you to leave him alone

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