Friday, 31 July 2009

confused much!

yeah i knew it was just some fun, but you've now confused me much
and that chat log with steph really got to me, i didnt realise yous thought that
but i thought i felt the same way as you,
but the way you went on about being worried, and you didnt want to hurt feelings and you felt bad cos you're not like that made me think
you're a really lovely person, thats why you're my friend
and everything steph said about you having a chance in the chat
is rather true probably, but it's not for the reasons you think
plus you said i'm not just some random lassie, but you're wrong when you talked about my options
my life is soooo much better than it has been
i've had so much fun the past few months but i'm getting to that stage, where i'm sick of it
and i hadn't realised it till wednesday night at stephs,
when michael said such nice things.
thanks for picking up on the fact it was getting me down, it was nice that you put your arm round me
and then last night, just sitting with you and chris was nice, cosy much haha
but i didn't think anything more of it, friends much
so yeah i suppose steph's statement about me is fairly true.
but the point is, that it's a bit of fun, and you should have asked me
you know who i want, you were going to talk to him hahaha,
and the rest of my options hahaha, a few im not interested in, a few it is impossible, one iv not seen in ages, another was a bit of fun, one im seeing soon and the other is the confusing option...
the god damn confusing option that is with the psycho
the confusing option that isn't an option really
i wish id gone camping...
There’s beats and there’s pulses and there’s
rhythm in the soul
and I try to stand quite calmly as I lose control
see this girl was here
and she ain’t no more
she loves this very floor
loves this very floor
Gimme a call
you’ve got a phone don’t you turn it on cause
I need to hear from you
do you know why
cause I saw something today that made it all come
it all came back to me
Nobody told me that tonight would be the night that I was due a little surprise
See I thought she was my friend but now I love her
But friends in love don't go together
From the start, as she gets in to the car she lets in enough air to startle
See I thought she was my friend but now I love her
Another drizzle keeps us together, if I was to say something
With all this weather my jacket wont stop her shivering but I'll give it anyway
And I thought it was a vague line between like and love
But tonight it's very clear to us
My jacket wont stop her shivering but I'll give it anyway
I'll give it anyway
And I've since blurred my thoughts I think tonight this could be nice
And I'm falling down on this judgement
Even though it isn't right
And I've since blurred my thoughts out
I think we should be moving on
And I'm falling down on this judgement
Even though it's wrong
Even though it's wrong

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