Monday, 18 May 2009

bloody hell

my back and shoulders are ridiculously painful and i seem to have become a recluse. i hide from the sun now :O haha
when i say leave me alone for a bit and im not sure how i feel about you just now why dont you just leave me be. dont phone dont text dont piss me off on msn
actually no. i was going to justify it all in this blog but no. you should no why i said that. i thought you knew me well enough and cared for me the slightest bit to understand whats wrong. but obviously not.
i have no buggering money on my phone now and i need a new sim card. does anyone feel like going into the vodafone shop and getting me a sim card. pleaseeeeeeee!!
2 more exams. :(
cant even be bothered writing this lol
ill do it later wen i can :P

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