Monday, 9 March 2009

fuck that for a laugh..

bonjour mon petit amie

so im supposedly happy now..
so i should write happy stuffs in my blog...

im getting my braces off tomorrow after a year and two thirds of them on (:
i ate yoghurt and chocolate today. yass !
i dropped a glass bottle in the middle of the joint.
the lid smashed off it and left quite a nice sharp knife shape :P
my final piece for art is beautiful (:
im going to get nice extensions as i miss my long hair.
i have red hair die lol. should i do it ?
your staying here friday (:
5th period made me really happy.
im starting to choose wat i want to do in life
i want to go to art college and do either animation or photography
i want to live in edinburgh
seonaid said that leith is nice
just outside edinbro by the sea, where the junkies used to live (:
but can i leave you for three or four years to do that

lolage twitch haha
it seems funny now but at the time it was really bad nightmares over and over.
i stopped breathing fuck sake haha
and i spose if you werent there to wake me up and tell me it was ok
who knows wat would have happened..

hehe i rule at art

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