Monday, 30 March 2009

Slag :)

im happying up
everythings just starting to go right
well apart from school and the fact im getting kicked out lol
but im still happy

iv been called a slag all day
but i dont care :)
pulling 7 folk isnt that bad

yees matts party was goods
a bit shit at the start wen i shouted and then greeted to you like 2 seconds later cos i was sorry haha
but yees drink, hot tub, pool, and cutting peoples hair and shaving eyebrows off
all in all uber funsies
my legs are bruised, my knees are cut and i has huge cuts down my back
i dont know how i got any of them but hey who cares
me and dionne had talks :)
and thank you michelle for saving mee
me and allanah. first hugs yass lol
and sam=awesome. love her :)
soo im happy
bourbon is your enemy!! lol at choo..

walking home next morning in the sun was soo lovely
i cant wait till summer now. itll be soo awesome and sunnyful and such likes :)

yeah ill get kicked out of school and be homeless and im pennyless right now but this is the first time in months iv been happy

i got a pancake :) !!!

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