Tuesday, 24 March 2009

oh the funn things i get up to this week lol

fashion show thursday night
5.30 till 9 ?!
i has to wear the dress i made that isnt even finished :O
plus anyones allowed to turn up and watch. oh noes

plus i got a terrible report
for art i got "a concern" for behaviour, effort, preparedness, etc
i had a mass argument with mrs felton over it today
i said it was a bit harsh
plus she gave me a D
bitch lol

but yay!!
all the subjects i wanted to take next year are in the right columns :)
higher english again (i got kicked out this year lol)
advanced higher maths (yeah im that cool)
higher photography (for the lulz)
advanced higher art (cause i rule at it :P)

lol simon didnt believe i could do art
he didnt believe it was me who painted my final design lol
he had to ask matt to see if it was the truths
wen he finally had enough evidence that i could do it there was mass sighs
"why cant nomis do art" lol
apparently he cant even do stick men
i loled

then matts party saturday
i agreed id stay lol
passing out on the floor is the same as planning to stay in my opinion lol
itll be funns :)

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