Monday, 9 March 2009

i likes happiness.

thrown out of english
yay!! ko
soo i have to do the whole course again next year because i uber failed the prelim
iv also been thrown out of history for reals lol
so now i only have three highers to do
altho the hoff said i wont be allowed back next year
so fuck it
roll on the holidays!!

thot i was starting to sort myself out and get over it all a bit
but two minutes after hand there was hand holdage
i walked straight out of art, down to the joint and greeted on ashleighs shoulder.
how the fuck can it mean this much to me.
we broke up, iv kissed other people, but as soon as i see even a hug i turn into a mess
because i love him
and love doesnt just go away

me and michelle had a really good talk today which really sorted out my head a lot
thank you dear :)
i would have talked to david but i would have greeted and he gets soo uncomfortable its hilarious.
then david had a massive hissy fit lol
he threw everything down and started shouting back at mrs felton
apparently it was all her fault and that it was retarded our dresses and his armour had to be finished by next week for their stupid fashion show lol
he was sooo angry
good times aha

then david heeps, shanice, kim, me and seonaid were all up in art the first two periods
ah all the bitching lol and seonaid thinking they were talking about someone different :P
until david felt it a good idea to doubt my relationship
apparently it wasnt a relationship, it was casual sex
so i took most of my anger out on him

so im basically trying to fill in my empty life with fun and lols
because im not really wanted by anyone and that really sucks
yeah a hefty number of people would be there for me. and by that i mean want a shag
soo wat the hell do i do
carry on waiting in hope that you'll feel better
or sleep with anyone who shows a slight interest in me
because like i said to hannah
i hate myself right now
and i know your all there for me and i love you for it
suppose i just need time

anyways thank you for being there for mee :)
and byeee i spose.

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