Monday, 9 March 2009


what do you want me to do?
im not getting on with my life at all.
im making plans to make it look like i am
because as far as i could see
you were getting over me and already had someone else
and then you tell me your no where near over me
and i dont no what to think
you said i should be with other people
experiences and such likes
but you dont really want me to do you?
but then again i dont no what you want.
i dont even know what i want
im fucking up my life single handedly
i made plans with other people
because i wanted to do what youv asked me to do for ages
so that im not just standing waiting.
not because i dont love you
not because i want to hurt you and make you feel awkward
not because im completely over you
im never going to feel differently about you
youll always be 'the one' to me.

i was always set to self destruct..

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