Friday, 24 July 2009

pent up anger

i like you,more than i should,more than you could,ever like me too.when will i,see the light?and realise,this isn't allright.sorry if i seem a bit forward,i tend to read the book without reading the foreword,but i know that this will work out for me,i've got something that appears to belong to you, you's not unlike me,to jump in without knowing,if your love is growing,if you love is please excuse me for getting too far in,if you said you liked me, what was i suppose to think?if you take the time you'll realise,why i thought it was mine for the taking.
sound familiar?
sounds like most relationships i've ever been in
at the moment i am truly in love with my tumblr and my dailybooth
56 followers betches!!
haha, therefore i must be doing something right, eh?
but hazel land took a massive blow,
the day i came home infact. my faith in mankind is dipping muchly
as it seems everyone feels, promises are made to be broken
the amount of chances i gave you was unholy,
you broke then one promise, the most important promise
and now you're no longer apart of hazel land
i know this sounds childish, but in all seriousness
doing that hurt me alot, and this time i'm not giving you another chance
you've made your choice, so stop with trying to guilt trip me back into it
and for fudge sake, when i say don't phone me/leave me alone/fuck off and die, etc
it means do not phone, text, msn, bebo comment me
you've fucked up an unholy amount
get over yourself, get over me, and grow up
i don't even take you seriously as a person anymore
this is me finally taking a stand,
and steph, if i start to waver on this
you have permission to slap me about till i reach my senses
anywhore on a lighter, much more happy note,
i'm happy.
relationships are out of the window for the foreseeable
i'm going to have fun, michael's gig saturday should be fun,
get to see my darling steph as she'll be back from la gay paris
i like meeting new people tooo
i've came across a number of people who are funny and i enjoy speaking too
shaun of course, we will camp, ya bitch :P damn you with your countdown, and of course i won!
craig smith is lulz, with his girly hugs haha
new steven :P, i havent spoken to you in a week or so, make me lul tho
will, who i came across just yesterday haha, random talks about leggings and the elderly
it truly amazes me the random crap i can find to talk about
soo my plans so far :L
i belive steph is home today, i really hope she is, i miss her
ryan invited me up stirling today, have no idea whether ill go or not
tomorrow is michael's gig at the barrowlands, which should be fun on a stick
sunday im seeing siobhan if all goes to plan, have a girly day :P
and next week is a mine field, anything could happen haha
but the week after that shall be hell,
i have to take my brother to summer school then bring him home
while having a social life around this, its going to cost me a frigin fortune
bus to denny plus brother, bus to where the party's at :P, bus to denny, bus home plus brother, bus back to where the party's at
WTF!!! however i am getting paid for this utter hell
and so ill also try to sneak in the buses getting paid for too :P
i don't think i have anything more to say..
oh apart from, if you ever even speak to me again you trampy hoor,
im not going to be calm and nicey nice, i was so utterly annoyed when i saw you on that bus,
i could have actually strangled you there and then,
then you swearing at me and trying to act all hard
clever of course, oh and what the fuck where you wearing, glitter words on your tights, are you 5?
and feathers on your shoes, and what the fuck was with your hair,
do not get me started on your face, seriously bulldog licking pish off a nettle springs to mind
so get you fat slagish repulsive self away from my life
i really do not want it tainted anymore than it has been
over and out!

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