Friday, 17 July 2009

chevaux rouge..

bad french spelling lol
scarborough was cosy warm
and nice, hella lot of ice cream and candy floss :P
and a loong time spent on the beach
and shopping lulz
anyhoos i dyed my hair finally
red tis the best!!
i'm in newcastle now and rather bored
i miss my stephy
and soonood and con con
and my lulz with mr. heeps,
and dear david
he's a cold hearted bitch
but my world revolves round him :P
home on wednesday YAY!!
there better be a hella lot of parties,
i wants to be busy night and day again
its how i live my life haha
tommy reilly in september!!
with hannah and steph :D
then yeah yeah yeahs in december wooo
actually cant wait
i want to see HP
oh and dont you fudging dare give my number out again you
fat assed ugly alien slag!!
and also its a question i wrote on a blog
you know, showing an interest
wanting to know you were okay,
plus it was written ages ago
get over yourself!
on a lighter note i saw 14 year olds with mullets :L
and massive hugs ftw craig!!

1 comment:

Clueless Cyn said...

I want to watch HP too.
I live in Argentina, and here because of the swine flu it's not in thatres now, but next week u.u