Saturday, 18 July 2009

what ze hell?!

right seriously, you are a dick
everyone knows it, so what the hell do you need to show it for all the time?
he's one of my very best friends, i tell him everything
plus i'd like to emphasise the word friends!!
you're not familiar with thus word as you don't have any
it's none of your business what happens between them anyway
what's the need, abusive phonecalls
they're hardly funny,
you actually can't keep out of anything
you phoned me constantly one night after seans party
anything that happened at that party has nothing to do with you
nothing to do with me and wilson has anything to do with you
you're a childish little dick
who thinks he's funny
oh and helping your "best friend"
no ones believing it
you take pleasure in hurting folk needlessly
so fuck off
i want nothing to do with you
but i wouldnt say no to help push the knive in
also wilson
if you had anything to do with this
you will regret it, believe me
he's been a better friend to me than you ever have
so dont disappoint me now
oh and also if folk think that we dyed our hair as a pact
how annoyed ill be is indescribeable
hmmm, anyone else for me to rant at....
i dont think so
so my world revolves around david :P
hes in elgin lulz
iv been there but according to him they all speak funny
and walk like dogs :L hahaha
i luled and told him of the rain farmers and hills hell encounter
home on wednesday
to slap the fools and hug my loved
cannot wait

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