Thursday, 2 July 2009


actually dying of heat
but do i care? no!

swimming yesterday with steph and conor
cos we is epic cool likes :P
then went back to conor's for drinkies, champagne is all he had :P
so we drank it up
then we were ridiculously mean :(
soweee conor
nah not really twas hilarious at the time :)

we were about to leave at like 12 or something and they wouldn't let us
apparently we were to get a lift home
due to the fact denny is rape central ?! :S
but yeah we weren't happy but went along with this ridiculousness
we were standing on his drive and we walked to the bottom to laugh at a guy who stalled 3 times :L
then we got shouted at "where are you going"
i was like argh we wants to leave :P
then when we were eventually back at Steph's we went out
and walked around denny and dunipace for like 2 and a half hours
good times lol
i was hella tired but it was too warm to sit in the house
then getting bloody phoned at 5 in the morning
we'd only been asleep for like an hour god damn it Ryan!!
all in all fun night!!
party tomorrow in edinburgh
then party saturday and camping woooo

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