Friday, 31 July 2009


i know this was like nearly a week ago, but i still havent blogged about it ooops
we went to seee michael (steph's burd haha) play at the barrowlands
and we spent ages walking round glasgow getting drink haha,
we lost two bottles of vodka, one to the police, theiving bums haha
and one got dropped out the bottom of a shitty sainsburys bag :O
andrew and michael went off to the train toilets to put the vodka into the juice haha, they were away an abnormally long time :P
but yeah we may have been the littlest bitty non sober haha, and we spent ages outside before we went in, telling each other how pretty they were haha
but yeah finally went in, and steph got chatted up by some 30 year old haha
i goes to her, did you tell him you were taken?
and she said that shed gone, my burds playing here tonight
i was like o0o0o0o smooth for a drunk :L
but yeah when michael was playing i pulled steph to the stage, and she fell on her face, so i picked her up by her hand and dragged her haha, then the body guard was like naw pal.
and steph got kicked out, so jo went with her
then andrew came back to get me and we left hahaha
and walked about glasgow for a bit
and the drunken foo' steph lost her phone :O
hehehe, then andrew was like are we heading back to my flat
and we agreed, without knowing his flat was in DUNFERMLINE!
but yeah steph and michael got the bus back, and me jo and andrew were stranded much, and had an £80 taxi ride back!!!
and we got back to the flat, and as soon as we got there steph and michael and andrew and jo went to sleep, and i was like eh, i dont know these other people
but i was like fudge it and sat down and talked to them lulz
and they wanted to watch scary films
and i was frigin terrified, and jumped and screamed every two minutes lulz
i ended up hugging into graham, i was soooo scared
then andrew came back, with chilli
and we had an imaginary fight across the room lulz
oooooh and we has a secret hahaha, to keep to ourselves that eh.. everyone knows haha
and we all stayed up all night
twas fun, till me and steph realised we couldnt get home,
and scrounged train money :D
good times

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