Tuesday, 12 May 2009

conor :)

Cuteasabutton.. Fluorescent Adolescent..!
conor is my BFF for ever and everest!!! <3

hehehe im going to miss the sixth years soo god damn much
the last day was amazing
rape alarm attached to balloons in the joint
well done george!
btw how long did it take for that to stop going off ?? lol
massive waterfights
elmo pants :P
and a hell of a lot of hugs
oh and a cake in the face

tomorrow i has to go and give my textbooks in
then i shall proceed to lol at the folk doing their english exam
altho i am the lol worthy one as i got kicked out haha
uptown with nicole saturday.. maybes
cinema on sunday lol

should have gone out last night and had funsies with dionne and shaun
but i got a phone call
i dont no how to react to what i was told
should i feel overwhelming sadness
or just relief, or happiness, or what
at the least i should know how to react wen im told hes gone.
at one point he was my best friend and my favourite person in the world
at another he was someone i never wanted to see again
i was sort of at ease when we stopped talking
the last text i sent to him was a few days ago replying to him
i cant remeber the ins and outs of it
but the basic idea was i never wanted to see him again
and now i cant.
i need a drink.. i need to stop thinking about it.. i need to see him one last time.. i need a hug..

i need my happy ever after... <3

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