Monday, 18 May 2009

sunburn argh!!

fuck-a-duck im red.. lol hahahaha
but yeah i spent the day focussing on tanning my paley legs and doing these frigin art essays
i succeded in my legs going slightly darker and i wrote about 3 lines of my essay, hey ho lol. i did the rest of it when i arrived home anyway.
anywhore my legs are paley with the slightest hint of darkness, my face is brown with freckles, my arms are of a black man and my shoulers are red!!! what the fudging heck is it all about. damn sun. no i take that back lol its been so nice not having rain.
my life is crazy hectic at the moment anyway
2 more exams, john ruining his own life while trying to pull down steph and then make myself conor and seonaid die inside. i really really really didnt need to know about these problems nor have you explain them to me in detail. in person. while you were wearing a burgundy jumper i longed to lol at hahahaha. and im also kind of annoyed at the fact hes made me out to be the shit stirrer. john brought up both topics that were supposedly off limits. i never told john anything but hes gone back to dear conor and steph and said bugger knows wat. plus its all starting to annoy everyone now. its not really any of johns business to talk shit and say that steph is becoming a lesser person. she's doing everything everyone else does. there's nothing wrong with her drinking and having fun now and again. nor is it yours or anyone elses business for that matter to tell her what she should and shouldnt do about being vegan. thats a personal choice and not something to judge anyone on.
anyhoos rant over lol
smile :)
ily <3

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