Monday, 18 May 2009


delirium (say dill-irri-um) noun
1 a state of mental confusion and agitation
2 wild excitement

he's my delirium

what would you do if every fibre of your being wanted to be with that person
but the rest of your world were shaking their heads
my daddy (hehe) actually used the words: "i just don't want my baby girl to become an emotional wreck again"
my mummy (hehe) seems to question every decision i make
she will give me a lift anywhere i want now because she wants to make sure im actually going to the place i said
she didnt believe i was going to conor's on saturday, she thot i was going to his

but hey ho
also to amber
i think you should have him back
he's a good person and i do like him alot
but it's not working
and yeah he's right
if id said yes it would have been wrong
because its not fair on him having a girlfriend who loves someone else
but the fact i said no should show what type of person i am
i dont set out to hurt people
and by saying no i saved you and him a lot of upset

oh and Steph's a mighty hoor!!!

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