Monday, 18 May 2009


Its starting to hit me now
he's gone and hes never coming back
im really starting to miss him alot right now
i know by the end i was really mad at him
and we hardly spoke
but at one point he was my best friend
the person i told everything to
not just my boyfriend
did you know that one person asked me if i was ok wen they found out
and one asked me how it happened
nm eh...

but it didnt matter a week or so ago
cos i had a new person to tell all these things to
but im not sure anymore
he makes me happy at times
but whats the fucking point eh
tbh i think he should just go back out with the psychopath
because i missed my chance with him
he knows id say yes if he asked again
but i know he wont
so iv decided im not waiting around anymore
cos im just going to get hurt over it all
so im moving on...

conor is my BFF
i loves him hehe

and btw dooshypants they are blueeeeee!!!
not white hahaha
oh and we all no i am better :P

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