Monday, 18 May 2009

hippy happy mood

yeah sure
you tell me that then you wonder why im no longer chirpy and happy
never mind i suppose
get back with her if you want
its really not up to me
i made the decision that im staying away from someone else now mainly just cos you said you had a problem with it
ah well, bit of a waste of time i spose

you're being a dick
come on it was a fucking joke
lighten up
and also when i say leave me alone i mean it
it does not however mean keep phoning over and over again

steph craw id like to say is a mighty hoor :P
she tried to rape jordan hahahaha
we were at conors for his 18th and she got crazy drunk on rum
and the three key words she said were Ryan, Sex and Cock!! :L
it was a goodnight haha
5 of us sleeping in the same bed :P

and one thing im very happy about
me and steph are now talking
iv been petty for a long time and i regret it
but we've talked and its all sorted out
she's such a nice and very pretty person btw :)

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