Tuesday, 12 May 2009

hehehe strawberry tert!!

i am in a happy mood
it is sooooo sunny and we went to the park
free periods ftw!!
i put pictures on my bebo
and theres going to be waterfightage tomorrow

the park was awesome
allanah got stuck in a tree then sent everyone away so she could get down without us seeing her "jiggly bits".
so the boys walked away a bit and me and siobhan turned around and we were talking with our backs to her
then we turned round and she was hanging off the tree :L:L
i havent laughed so hard in ages
i lost my keys. i maded matt go look for them since he was the one who picked me up and span my round nearly breaking my arm haha
its hard to find keys in a massive bark land haha

apparently shaun's ill :(
but yeah he makes me smile big!!!
he came out his house just to see me wen i got off the bus
yees admitedly i didnt notice this and he had to phone me :L
but we had air hugs in the middle of the road
it made everything a bit better after amber yesterday
like iv always said:
its the simple things that matter.
obv its great wen you buy us stuff haha but just tiny little things that seem insignificant to you mean the world!

anyway i have like 7 conversations on msn going on and im texting like three people while im writing this.
its crazy multi tasking haha
allanahs going to stay on next year with me yay!!!

and yes i do realise it was 5 months yesterday

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